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Seminar Space for Rent Jakarta

What is Coliving Space?

Indonesians should all be no strangers to Coliving Spaces or more popularly known as kost-kostan. As with Coworking Space and traditional office spaces, the idea of Coliving is not a novel one but simply a twist to something that we have always know. defines Coliving as a group of people who choose to live together to fulfill a common purpose. In other words, Coliving is simply a group of like-minded people who choose to live together. Presently, Coliving communities in Jakarta are mostly made up of young professionals and university students.

Seminar Space for Rent Jakarta

To fulfil millennials’ desire for experiences, Coliving space operators in Jakarta have been very creative in designing interesting their space concepts! 

La Boheme

Le Aman CoWorking Space


La Boheme is a boutique coliving establishment by The Gala Hotels Group offering well designed rooms and an artisanal café. True to its name, La Boheme offers chic French Bohemian décor with a slight tropical twist. La Boheme also offers a café and a coworking area, thus making it a perfect coliving space for freelancers and budding entrepreneurs.  Fun fact, La Boheme is also a popular staycation spot!

Address: Jl Setia Budi Barat no 10 Jakarta Selatan

Website: The Gala Hotels

Instagram: @labohemejkt

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